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TSA Pre-Check for NEXUS, SENTRI & Global Entry Members


precheckIf you are a member of the Trusted Traveler programs NEXUS, SENTRI & Global Entry, you do not need to enroll onto the Pre-Check program. You can use the TSA Pre-Check lanes by using the PASSID on your NEXUS, SENTRI & Global Entry membership card.


Accessing the Pre-Check lane begins when you book your flight. When you book a ticket to travel you must correctly enter and double-check your Trusted Traveler PASSID, which is the 9 digit number located on your NEXUS, SENTRI & Global Entry membership card. You should add your PASSID to the place where it asks for a Known Traveler Number (KTN). An incorrect entry means that you will not be able to use the Pre-Check lane.


Trusted Travelers should also update any airline frequent flyer profiles with their PASSID / KTN. You should also ensure that the airline has the same information as was given on your Trusted Traveler membership card e.g. your first/middle/last name and correct date of birth should match your NEXUS, SENTRI or Global Entry card exactly e.g. if you applied for a trusted traveler program as Mary Jane Doe, your airline frequent flier profile should not be MJ Doe or Mary Doe; it needs to be consistent – first/middle/last.


If you are in doubt about your data matching or whether the airline has registered your Trusted Traveler PASSID you should call the carrier to verify that your Secure Flight data matches, and make any corrections.


Please note that lawful permanent residents, enrolled onto a Trusted Traveler program can use the TSA Pre-Check lanes from summer 2014.